The Best Orlando Kid Resorts To Book

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Orlando is crowned as the happiest place on the United States of America for many reasons, and the fact that there are lots of Orlando kid resorts to book is a testament to that title. There are lots of kids resorts spread all over Orlando. Because of that, lots of families come to Orlando to have a day off or two to entertain their kids. It got 50 million visitors each year (thanks to the presence of Disneyland over there), making it the ultimate getaway from the problems within this world.

If you want to enjoy all Orlando has to offer, however, you cannot simply go there and go home on the same day. Not sir, it would never do. To fully enjoy what Orlando has to offer, one should always stay a day or three over there. Finding an Orlando kid resorts that are good is not that hard, but you can always refer to this article if you have little to no idea about Orlando.

Here is the first kid friend hotel in Orlando that would be a good place to stay for a night:

Disney animal kingdom lodge

Everything that is Disney related are safe for children, and this resort is not exempt from that rule. If you or your children loves animal, this place will certainly be a good place to book if you are tired from the trip. It got a huge swimming pool complete with a tall waterslide to boot. The dining options are abundant, meaning you have a lot of food to choose from (you can even get African food if you want to. Fusion, of course). The fitness centre is good and the spa is top notch. There are also kids’ club if you want to leave your kids behind. A shuttle that will take you to Disneyland is readily available and you will get a free Wi-Fi.

There is one thing that I should remind you, though, and that there are animals free-roaming around the resort. I am not even kidding. You can find giraffes and gazelles roaming the resort sometimes, so it can be a bit of a problem if your kid is a bit naughty with animals.

Still, giraffes and gazelles are a whole lot better compared to this one resort I once stayed in. That resort got free-roaming KOMODO DRAGONS (and I am not even kidding).

Reunion resort

This resort is probably the most pricey resort in Orlando that is not owned by Disney, but it is pricey for several reasons. First, it got three golf courses for rich people to try and 11 big swimming pools with a lazy river surrounding it. It got six different restaurants for you to eat your food in and it got kids’ clubs if you want to have your kids study and learn stuffs. The services over here are top notch and there is also six tennis courts available.

Bad news? Insects. Florida is known for its insects attack, and this hotel is not safe from it. The room service is not that good because it is not 24 hours, and the hotel is VERY big you will need a car to reach from one building to another. This is one of the many Orlando kid resorts that is expensive for the picking, so if you do not have any money, avoid this one like a stale pickle.

Those two are the best Orlando kid resorts available out there, but please note that there are still lots of hotels that are available if you think the two did not tickle your fancy.

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