The Best St Maarten All-inclusive Resorts Out There

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While many of the St Maarten all inclusive resorts are struck by the hurricane Irma (darn the hurricane for ruining a couple’s vacation, am I right?), there are still a few of those who are available for the booking after the hurricane struck. It is not easy, but if you want to spend a few days on St Maarten to cope with the hurricane strike and/or to see the damage that the hurricane brought, it is still possible to do so. You just have to read this article to its end because this is what this article is trying to give you. You do not have to worry about the validity of the hotels listed in this article because this article will only find the hotels that are not damaged by the hurricane.

So without further ado, let us begin with the first of the two St Maarten all inclusive resorts that is undamaged by the hurricane:

The Mary’s Boon Beach Resort

There are lots of resorts in St Maarten, but not all of them are open thanks to Hurricane Irma. However, this one particular resort has already opened its door for couples wanting to get a quick break from life in St Maarten. While not many of the facilities are readily available (once again thanks to the lovely hurricane), there are still lots of things to enjoy in here. It is located near the airport, so getting to and fro that place is pretty easy. There are lots of room types that you can book in here, all which came with a terrace for the view. If you want to do some cooking, many of the rooms come with kitchens, which is a nice addition for any hotel rooms. The restaurant is an outdoor restaurant so you can enjoy the sea breeze while at the same time eat deliciously cooked meals. It got a pool if you want a quick soak, and Wi-Fi is readily available throughout every rooms within this hotel.

While all of the good things listed below is guaranteed, there are also bad things with this resort. If you are looking for a room with that certain modern charm to it, then you will be in a world of disappointment because the rooms in here are not modern at all. While some rooms are fitted with flat screen television, there are rooms that still use the traditional tube television, which can be bothersome to watch. Because it is located close to the airport, expect to hear lots of airport noises and do not hope to get a good night sleep (unless you are a heavy sleeper that is). The Wi-Fi can be bad in some rooms and the pool is pretty small for a resort.

The second resort is The Azure Hotel

This is probably one of the St Maarten all inclusive resorts that is cheap, so if you are a bit dry pocketed, you can try this resort. The place is beautiful and it got a nice beachfront to it. Every rooms are spacious and they got kitchens in them. The international calls and the Wi-Fi are free, so connectivity should not be a problem here.

What is bad about this resort? The old rooms. Seriously. The rooms are so old you can basically see it everywhere. It is not that rusty, but sure you can find rusts in there. This is one of the cheapest St Maarten all inclusive resorts that you can try if you want to visit the place.

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