Finding The Best All Inclusive Adults Only Resorts In Cancun

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There are times when you are trying to find the best all inclusive adults only resorts in Cancun, and I do think you are justified if you are looking for it. Often times, we found ourselves tired of the bugging kids around us and we want to find an escape from that. Knowing how obnoxious kids can be, I do think it is only right if you ever want to find a place to hide from those kids. We want a place where we can relax, not a place we can hear kids crying to their parents, am I right?

Thankfully, people looking for a safe haven from children can visit these best all inclusive adults only resorts in Cancun for holidays. These resorts, just like their names suggest, are places where you can escape the mundane days and enjoy a part of your life. These places, aside from being free from the devils that are the children, can be a good place some r and r for your tired bodies.

Because I know you guys are already tired and you want to find a quick getaway, I shall begin with the first resort on this list: the Excellence Playa Mujeres.

The excellent Excellence Playa Mujeres

When we are talking about adults only resorts, we are talking about how inclusive it is. This resort is one of the best all inclusive resort out there in Cancun. It got lots of stuffs to be excited about, namely beautiful pools where you can swim (yes, I said it correctly. There are lots of pools in this resort, not just one), a spa that is even more beautiful than Aphrodite bosom (which obviously tells you a lot about this. We all know how beautiful the Goddess’ of love bosom is, after all), and many other activities out there.

If that is not enough, let us go into the rooms. In the rooms are modern bathroom for your leisure, Jacuzzi to wet those tired bones, flat screen television to spoil those tired eyes, and most importantly: a free WiFi. You can even book a room with a rooftop terrace to see the beach out there (the beach is not that beautiful, but it is still good looking so it got it going for them).

If you want to book this place, be ready to splurge some 700 something US dollars for a night. It is not that cheap, yes, but money is not one should be talking about when one is trying to escape reality.

The Golden Parnassus is a cheaper alternative

If your money is a bit tight and your wallet a bit dry, you might want to skip Playa for this one. For only 400 US dollars per night, this is definitely a better alternative if you do not have that kind of money.

For 400 US dollars, you will get lots of things that are comparable to the ones in Mujeres, but of course they will not be as good like the latter. This is one of the best all inclusive adults only resorts in Cancun for cheap, so do not expect lots of nice things. It still got Jacuzzis and many other ‘regal stuffs’, but it is not as quiet as the Mujeres.

Oh, do not mistake this one for the Great Parnassus, okay? The great Parnassus is not one of the best all inclusive adults only resorts in Cancun, so you would do good to mind that.

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