Cocoa Beach Resorts Located Close To Beach

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There are several recommended Cocoa Beach Resorts available. The problem is that sometimes you don’t know which one of the best resorts you have to choose. Before choosing one of them, just check the list below. The list helps you to decide the best resort based on your needs for a great holiday.

Residence Inn Cape Canaveral Cocoa Beach

This is a good resort for those who want to cook anywhere and anytime you want including in holiday. You will be supported by full kitchen set so you can cook anything you want for the entire family. Actually, you will get free breakfast and evening snack and you can enjoy it while seeing the beauty of the scenery. The package is interesting because you have a chance to take a cruise or park package. The location is on Astronaut Boulevard, Cape Canaveral. You may book a room on this resort if you want to bring your family for a holiday to the Cocoa Beach.

Double Tree

Most families love to stay at the Double Tree Resort is because of its natural scenery. Just imagine how great and relaxing if you can see beautiful ocean all the time. In fact, you can also prepare a romantic dinner along with a natural background. Do you like to swim to keep your health? Don’t miss your swimming schedule only because you are in a holiday. Double Tree is ready with swimming pool and the most interesting you are swimming in a warm water swimming pool. If you want to take a walk for awhile, try to go to the two closest parks there. As one of recommended Cocoa Beach Resorts, Double Tree is a worth it option.

Courtyard Cocoa Beach

Beach lovers need to book a room on this beach resort. The main reason is because the location is close to the beach. You just need to take a walk for a few minutes if you want to spend your time on the beach. If you want to do the other activities, you can just go to the swimming pool or just relaxing yourself on a hot tub. Some people love to enjoy the night atmosphere and if you are one of them, you can just go outside your room and find a comfortable place to sit. Country Cocoa Beach Resort has enough comfortable places to sit.

Four Points Resort

Four Point Resort offers the best attraction in which you have a chance to see a shark feeding. The location is on the restaurant so you can enjoy the attraction while eating your favorite foods. Four Point Resort is also a good option for surfers or those who want to learn more about surfing. There is a specific place for surfers to buy everything they needs including to rent the equipment. There is also a place to learn about surfing for beginners. The location is also close to the beach so you can go surfing right away. You might choose this resort as one of your favorite Cocoa Beach Resorts if you are a surfer.

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